Discover the Safest Places in Mexico for 2023

Traveling to Mexico soon but worried about security? You are not alone. Many share the same concern. But the good news is that not all areas of this country are the same when it comes to safety.

By doing a little homework and taking safety precautions, you can enjoy a fabulous and safe Mexican getaway, just like the countless tourists and expats who visit each year.

Below, we’ll walk you through some renowned cities and beach towns, including some hidden gems, to give you a comprehensive overview of the safest places in Mexico for your trip in 2023. Plus, we give you some helpful tips to keep you safe while enjoying your travels.

Spotting the Safest Places in Mexico

Indeed, there are spots in Mexico that are best avoided, and staying informed about them is crucial.

Regrettably, certain regions in the country are on the travel advisory list of the U.S. Department of State due to crime and violence. But don’t let that scare you off completely.

There’s a substantial number of Mexican states that are welcoming to tourists and expats alike, presenting low petty crime rates and brimming with popular tourist sites. You’ll notice a strong police presence there and a thriving economy thanks to the tourism industry.

Let’s get into the details of some safest areas in Mexico, where you can enjoy a stress-free vacation:

  • Yucatan Peninsula – Home to Cancun, Playa del Carmen, Tulum, and Merida. Yes, they are tourist magnets, but they are safe as houses as long as you stick to the well-trodden paths and exercise the usual care. Think beautiful white sand beaches, ancient Mayan ruins, and a festive Mexican culture waiting to be embraced.
  • Pacific Coast – Featuring Puerto Vallarta, Huatulco, and Ensenada. Get ready to be charmed by amazing coastlines, the warmest locals, and seafood that’s to die for.
  • Baja California Sur – Including Los Cabos, La Paz, and Todos Santos. Picture a relaxed atmosphere, dreamy desert landscapes, and golden opportunities for whale-watching.
  • Central Highlands – Boasting colonial cities such as San Miguel de Allende, Guadalajara, and Oaxaca City. These cities offer a rich historical tapestry, mind-blowing architecture, and vibrant cultural scenes.

Remember, the key to a safe holiday anywhere in the world is staying alert and being aware of your surroundings.

Safest Place in Mexico for Tourist 2023

Let’s delve deeper into some of the most secure cities in Mexico in 2023. These places are celebrated for their low criminal activity, friendliness, and distinctive attractions.

1. Mérida

Distinguished as one of the secure hubs in both Mexico and Latin America, Mérida, the capital of Yucatán, has received accolades from CEOWorld magazine, standing second only to Quebec City, Canada, in terms of safety on the continent. The city’s rich cultural backdrop coupled with low crime statistics has propelled it to be a favorite among tourists recently.


As Mérida houses monumental colonial architecture, savory cuisine, and closeness to notable archeological sites, it provides a golden opportunity for both tourists and expats to safely revel in its dynamic art and music sphere, notably in the historical city heart, replete with iconic edifices such as the Palacio del Gobierno and the Cathedral of San Ildefonso.

While the city guarantees general safety, it’s prudent to adhere to standard safety measures to avert occasional pickpocketing instances. The pressing issue here, however, remains the congested traffic. Leveraging its strategic position, Mérida serves as a splendid start point for day expeditions to famed tourist hotspots including Cancun and Playa del Carmen.

2. Playa del Carmen

Famed for its picturesque beaches on the Mexican Caribbean coastline, Playa del Carmen is a dynamic region witnessing economic growth coupled with a dwindling cost of living. Consequently, an estimated 186,000 expatriates have chosen to reside here either temporarily or permanently.

Playa del Carmen
Playa del Carmen

The Quintana Roo state, where the city is located, is largely shielded from violent crimes targeting tourists. Nevertheless, maintaining caution remains imperative, especially considering the recent surge in drug-related hostilities in neighboring Tulum. It is advised to refrain from solitary night walks and drawing unwarranted attention.

Blessed with pristine white beaches, effervescent nightlife, and proximity to the historic site of Chichén Itzá, it’s a magnet for vacationers globally. The annual cost of residing here oscillates between $10,000 and $25,000, contingent on personal preferences.

3. Tulum

A hotspot along Mexico’s Caribbean shoreline, Tulum is revered for its crystal-clear waters and a laid-back ambiance. The historic town, adorned with ancient Mayan ruins overlooking the sea, paints a picture of tranquility and depth. While the Overseas Security Advisory Council (OSAC) vouches for Tulum’s relative safety, vigilance remains a cornerstone to ensure a secure visit.


Awareness regarding potential challenges, such as cartel movements, water sanitation, and natural calamities, can facilitate a hassle-free stay through proactive measures.

4. Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta, nestling between the Sierra Madre mountains and the Pacific coast, stands as a vibrant city boasting art galleries and an authentic center, offering a dual delight of beach and mountain experiences. The city’s solid infrastructure, abundant daily activities, and retiree-friendly environment have made it a haven for expats.

Puerto Vallarta
Puerto Vallarta

Even with sporadic petty crimes such as bag-snatching or pickpocketing, a vigilant approach generally assures safety. The hospitable locals and an array of fresh seafood augment the city’s appeal, promising a comfortable stay ranging between $1,200 and $2,500 monthly.

5. Cancun

Cancun, a Caribbean jewel, is famed for its expansive beaches and world-class resorts that offer luxury and vibrant entertainment.


The city has ascended to be one of the most secure destinations in Mexico, courtesy of substantial investments in safety infrastructure including extensive surveillance and heightened police vigilance, promising tourists a safe and unforgettable stay.

6. San Miguel de Allende

Discover the charm of San Miguel de Allende, a remarkable colonial-era city nestled in the heart of central Mexico. Noted for its splendid architecture, lively cultural festivals, and the warm embrace of its locals, it stands as a pillar of rich Mexican heritage.

San Miguel de Allende
San Miguel de Allende

As a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the city takes pride in its historic center, which has been wonderfully preserved over centuries. While the city boasts relatively low crime rates, it remains essential to maintain caution during nighttime and remain vigilant of your belongings while using public transport.

Its alluring safety and vibrant atmosphere have attracted a significant number of expats, including more than 8,000 residents from America, Britain, and Canada. The affordable cost of living adds to its charm, with a family of four’s monthly expenditure being around $2,122 excluding rent, and a single individual’s being approximately $596. It is, impressively, 57.64% cheaper than living in New York without considering rent, making it a favored choice for both visitors and expats.

7. Los Cabos

Positioned at the southern tip of the Baja California Sur, Los Cabos presents a magnificent haven for resort experiences. The city offers breathtaking beaches, state-of-the-art golf courses, and a plethora of outdoor activities to explore.

Los Cabos
Los Cabos

With its low crime rate and a solid tourist infrastructure, it becomes evident why it is a hotspot for numerous tourists and expatriates. Venture into the stunning vistas of the Baja Peninsula, a place adorned with rugged desert landscapes and rich biodiversity.

8. Cozumel

Cozumel, an exquisite island town off the Yucatan Peninsula’s coast, invites visitors with its turquoise waters and a relaxing beach ambiance. The island is recognized for its significantly low crime rate, offering some of the country’s most untouched beaches.


For diving enthusiasts, Cozumel stands as one of Mexico’s premier destinations offering a rich underwater spectacle of coral reefs and intricate underwater caves waiting to be explored.

5 Safety Tips for Traveling to Mexico

Regardless of your destination in Mexico, safeguarding yourself and your belongings should always be a priority. Here are five safety tips to heed:

  1. Remain alert and conscious of your surroundings, continually assessing potential dangers.
  2. Prioritize research to identify and avoid regions with high crime rates, including certain border towns and states known for organized crime activities like Guerrero, Michoacan, and Tamaulipas.
  3. Keep a low profile by not displaying wealth through expensive jewelry or carrying large sums of money to avoid unwanted attention.
  4. Exercise common sense, trust your gut feelings, and refrain from taking unnecessary risks.
  5. Ensure the security of your vital documents and valuables by utilizing facilities like hotel safes.
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